Kumano Kodo Food 

The wonderful regional cuisine in the traditional guesthouses is truly one of the highlights of hiking the Kumano Kodo. From the fresh organic produce grown in the region to the freshly caught river fish and the vegetarian cuisine of Koyasan monastery accommodation, walking the Kumano Kodo is also an exploration of tastes.

Getting to the Kumano Kodo trailhead

Transport and travel to the start and finish of the Kumano Kodo is surprisingly easy, with the international airport of Kansai being relatively close on Japan’s excellent rail system. To get between some of the locations on the Kumano walking trail there is a local bus service if you decide you need it.

Kumano Kodo Accommodation

Walking the Kumano Kodo you get to stay in traditional ryokans and minshukus that provide an authentic Japanese hospitality experience, onsens and great regional food. There are a limited number of accommodations so it’s vital to have a secured booking. On the Nakahechi trail there is the option for luggage transfers as well, so you can relax and just carry a day pack.

Practical considerations

Read about what season to walk and hike the Kumano Kodo, what the trail is like and other practical considerations and cultural pointers that will make your Kumano Kodo trek a safe and enjoyable one. Learn what gear you’ll need and what to expect in terms of facilities and communications along the Kumano Kodo.

Kumano Kodo Walking Tours