The Ohechi trail at one time was the most scenic one as it was mainly running along the southern coastal area of the Kii-Peninsula. A major part of the original route has disappeared as modern roads were built over the paths instead. The Ohechi route is the trail that was taken by ordinary people, writers and artists who had some leisure time and wanted to travel and enjoy the views of the Kareki-nada and Kumano-nada seas. The total distance is about 92 km from Tanabe in the western part of Wakayama prefecture to Hamanomiya, Nachikatsuura in the southeast.

The Ohechi connects Kii-Tanabe with the Fudarakusanji temple located close to the Kumano Nachi Taisha, one of the Kumano grand shrines. On the existing sections, the views from the well-preserved passes offer expansive scenic vistas over the Pacific Ocean. During the Edo period (1603-1868), this route was used for both worship and sightseeing, and the beautiful landscape attracted many writers and artists.

This is not a route that RAW Travel offers as an organised option.


Day 1: Tanabe to Tonda, 19km

Day 2: Tonda to Susami, 25km

Day 3: Susami to Kushimoto, 43km

Day 4: Kushimoto to Nachi, 35km


For a great day to day description of the Ohechi route with images see the following link: